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Our Terms of Reference
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Our vision
  • Our vision is to establish a group of Trust Business Leaders, open to any leader within a trust or a maintained school, who share information and resources, so enabling our schools to deliver excellent teaching and learning.

  • We recognise that as public institutions, all resources created by our members have already been paid for with public money - and should thus be shared.

  • When using resources, we acknowledge our colleagues.

  • Our platform provides resources - but a crucial part of or working together is attendance at face to face learning sessions, where we work to build helpful relationships with our colleagues.

  • We do not consider our Service Level Agreements with external providers 'commercially sensitive' and share these with colleagues.

Who are we?


  • We are a group of people working to support teaching and learning within our trusts, through our business leadership of our trusts, be they small, medium or large.

  • We started out as a group of school business leaders in Newham, but welcome others from outside our Borough.

Why do we exist?

  • We recognise that whilst each trust, and each school within each trust, is a separate entity, we are all in the business of supporting our practitioners in the classroom to ensure that our children receive the best possible education.

  • We recognise that in our community (and indeed beyond), many of the queries/problems/tasks we come up against will be the same.

  • We exist in order to share learning, contacts, ideas and resources between the members of our group.

How do our shared values guide our working practices?​

  • A willingness to trust others.

  • A real, honest, willingness to share.

  • A willingness to contribute - in any individual way in which members feel they can.

  • A recognition that every trust will make a different contribution - and that whilst work that helps all members is acknowledged and celebrated, no-one is ‘keeping score’.

  • A recognition of the importance of an external view and external input - and work to facilitate this.

  • A willingness to reflect on our own practice, and the awareness to change what we think could work better.

  • An agreement that members should attend a minimum of 50% of the scheduled meetings in any academic year.

  • A willingness to work within the Google ecosystem for all work in the group (training will be provided where required).

Who are we?

Why do we 


Our values​

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